5 reasons to travel by Eurostar

Forget the two hour wait and arrive in style. At Arena Travel we’re all about efficiency and we want your journey to be just as memorable as the destination, and so, this is why many of our rail holidays – and some of our River Cruises – begin and end with the Eurostar.

Boarding the train at London St Pancras you can be in either Brussels or Paris in just over two hours and thus on your way to enjoying your dream holiday. So, sit back, relax and enjoy reading this blog, which explains all of the reasons you should pick Eurostar for your next trip overseas.

Its quick

train en pleine vitesse

As already mentioned the Eurostar is quick, meaning you can be in the capital of Belgium or France in just two hours after leaving the UK. What’s more, there’s no waiting around for hours before you can board, as long as you’re there thirty minutes before (although we would recommend giving it an hour) you can relax knowing that your seat is secured and you’ll soon be making your way through the English Channel, with no baggage reclaim to worry about at the other side.

It’s cheaper

Don’t waste your time scrolling through flight comparison sites trying to find the cheapest tickets, instead just travel by Eurostar. And, you can forget about having to pay all those pesky extra fees as your luggage is included, you don’t have to pay extra for your seat and you can even bring your own food and drinks!

It gets you where you want to be

eiffel tower .jpg

No need to worry about expensive transfers, as no matter whether you’re travelling to Paris or Brussels you will arrive in the centre of the city. City centres’ are notorious for having great transport links and thus you’ll be able to get to your exact destination often for just the price of a bus or metro fare.

It’s a great introduction

More and more people are choosing to explore Europe by rail, so what better way to kick start your rail holiday than by travelling to the continent on a train?! With great rail connections such as the TGV or ICE, travelling by Eurostar also easily opens up Europe and other destinations to you – a rail enthusiasts dream.

You can upgrade without breaking the bank

3384_2014-Q3-Eurostar-London Business Premier Lounge_ORIGINAL.jpg

That’s right, on an Arena Rail Holidays you can upgrade from just £75 per journey, per way. Meaning, you can enjoy the extra comfort of Standard Class Premier and indulge in spacious seats with power sockets, a lovely light lunch with hot and cold drinks and complimentary magazines, for a fraction of the price you would pay on a plane!

So, whatever your preferred mode of transport, we hope we’ve made you consider giving Eurostar a go on your next break! Book your speedy rail journey today and find your perfect holiday today with Arena Rail Holidays.


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