Marvel of Marrakech

Our Moroccan top ten!



1. Souks

Souks are the Morrocan answer to markets, especially where shoes, food and clothes are concerned. There’s plenty to see as you walk the cultural streets – it’s time to see shopping from a different perspective! There are lots of souks dotted all over the heart of the city, giving you ample opportunity to find out what the African attraction is all about!

2. Anima Garden

Anima Garden is a botanical wonder, created by Andre Heller, a universal artist with a love for all things colour! Set in Morocco, the gardens are a perfect place to wanter through glorious gardens with incredible sculptures and even better views of the Atlas Mountains in the distance… It’s truly unforgettable!

3. El Badi Palace

The El Badi Palace is one of the top tourist attractions in Marrakech with a history dating back to 1578. Built by Ahmed al-Mansur Dhahbi to celebrate the success over the Portuguese army in ‘The Battle of the three Kings’. Today, only a remnant is left; a large garden filled with orange trees surrounded by the palace walls – make sure to visit this picturesque haven on your African adventure!

4. Hammam De La Rose

The Hammam’s, or steam rooms, are the perfect place to retreat from the sun into a luxurious serenity. A Hammam is a place that the locals go to at least once weekly in order to cleanse their bodies, catching up with friends and family simultaneously.  Located in the city centre, Hammam De La Rose is the perfect, authentic place to go for a spot of relaxation, if the beautiful weather isn’t enough for you!

5. Zwin’ Zwin’ Café

A perfect little retreat situated in the heart of the city. Zwin’ Zwin’ Café is the ideal location if you’re after a mojito to cool you down, whilst enjoying the comforts of home. With clean, colourful decor, the café allows the customers their own lounge whilst enjoy healthy meals and delicious cocktails – it’s a picture-perfect opportunity.

6. Museums

With lots of Museums dotted all over Marrakech, there’s plenty to see, from art and photography to history and Berber culture. You’ll be sure to learn a lot whilst exploring this fascinating city, with a culture different from the rest, but to make sure you learn as much as you can, take a stop off at one of the wonderful museums!

7. Kasbah

The district of Kasbah is filled with history and is thought to have been the place in which the Fortress was located. In this area, you will find the Royal Palace, El-Mansoria Mosque, Saadian Tombs and the Badi Palace. This area has perfect places to sit back and relax with a drink in hand, watching the world go by – make sure to pay it a visit!

8. Ramparts

Based in the district of Kasbah is the very reason that Marrakech is named the ‘Red City’. The red walls that lead 12 miles around the city were built to provide the locals with protection from battles in the 12th Century. Much of the wall is still standing and from around 20 gates that gave entrance into the city, several still remain – go and find one for the perfect photo opportunity!

9. Food

Moroccan couscous, fresh olives, spicy lamb (mechoui),  bread (khobz), sweet mint tea… Need we go on? All of these things can be found in abundance when roaming the streets of Marrakech. These taste sensations will set you back a fraction of the price of what you would spend at home, too!

10. Souk Cuisine

This is unmissable! The Souk Cuisine excursion begins with a venture to the souks to haggle for your ingredients… A look at the everyday life of the locals. You’ll then be taken to the Riad; a townhouse built around a central courtyard, where you will begin to cook, lead by local women. Take your camera, it’s sure to be a memorable experience!



If you’re a sun-lover or a culture fanatic, take a look at our simply perfect holiday; the Marrakech Express – we’re confident you’ll love it, too, just as much as we do!



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