Hotspots of Hvar

The gorgeous coastal island based in the Adriatic Sea, featured in The Guardian’s Top 20 Family Summer Holidays – so we know Hvar is sure to as beautiful as the photos. We want to go just as much as you do! We’re always here to give you a helping hand, and your holiday to the Dalmatian Coast is no different. Have a read through our to-do list and get some brilliant ideas to fill your schedule a much or as little as you’d like whilst you’re on your travels through the turquoise waters.


1. Pakleni Islands

Located off the southwest coast of Hvar and adjacent to the entrance to the Hvar harbour, the Pakleni Islands are a glorious spot known for boating and water sports. This may not be up your street, but it’s certainly worth exploring. An exquisite location with even better views… if that’s possible! The name ‘Pakleni Island’ translates to ‘Hell’s Island’, yet it is thought to date back to a local pine resin used to make boats and ships water-resistant.



2. Šćedro

For all the historians out there, a ruined monastery is the highlight of this Island which is just over 20 minutes from Hvar and accessible by boat. With lovely cafés and restaurants too, and protected as a Nature Park, it’s a place you’d wish you had discovered sooner! It’s thought that the ancient caves here could have homed a battle between Pompeius and Caesar in 49 B.C… Surely you wouldn’t want to miss that!



3. St. Stephen’s Cathedral

A perfect opportunity to take in some of the most glorious views of Hvar. The Cathedral is built on foundations of a Christian church from the 6th Century, finishing its reconstruction in the 17th Century. The building pays tribute to St Stephen who was a Pope and martyr and the protector of Hvar and Diocese. It really is unforgettable – be sure to make some time to visit.



4. Tvrdalj Castle

A Renaissance building that once served as poet Petar Hektorović’s summer home, passed down to him after the death of his father, Hektor. The castle, based in Stari Grad is a beautiful blend of land and water – take a look for yourself!



5. Spanjola Fortress

A Historic viewpoint and excellent location to capture your magical holiday photos – a place that is said to have saved the lives of the population of Hvar who took shelter here when the Turks left their own town. With turquoise seas and orange rooftops galore, it’s sure to be a holiday highlight!



6. Grapčeva cave


If you’re an adrenaline junkie or just love to explore, Grapčeva Spilja is one of the enchanting and mysterious caves based on the Dalmatian coast. There’s plenty of opportunities to explore this magical location!



7. Tomic Wine Boutique


Everybody loves a glass of vino, especially when on holiday. What if we told you that you could enjoy a glass of the good stuff whilst exploring Roman-style wine cellars and picturesque mountain views? Have a browse online to see what you can book to enhance your perfect break!



8. St. Stephen’s Square


Famed by the photos we’ve all seen oh so many times, St. Stephen’s Square is a must on your trip to Hvar! It would be like travelling to London for the first time and not seeing Big Ben! Make sure to add it to your to-do list.



9. Franciscan Monastery

Croatia is famous for its beautiful backdrops, but we’re sure that the Franciscan Monastery and its surrounding scenery is up there with the best. Like a postcard and beautiful no matter the weather, it’s a must do whilst you’re in this beautiful corner of the world!


To find out more about travelling to Croatia with a helpful hand from us here at The River Cruise Line, click here to take a look at our website or call us on 01858 438455 today! We’re always happy to help!


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