What currency do I need to take on my holiday?

Going on holiday is an exciting time but we understand it can occasionally get a little stressful on the buildup – having to pack, organise yourself, and sometimes your significant other too… All whilst keeping an eye on those exchange rates and rushing around trying to change your currency before you go. So, to make your pre-holiday prep as easy as possible, we’ve created a list so that you know exactly which currency you will need for the country that you are visiting.

Look for the country you’re travelling to in alphabetical order, and if you’re travelling to more than one country… we’ve got you covered.

Austria – Euro

Belgium – Euro

Bulgaria – Bulgarian Lev

Croatia – Croatian Kuna

France – Euro

Germany – Euro

Hungary – Hungarian Forint

Italy – Euro

Morocco – Moroccan Dirham

Portugal – Euro

Romania – Romanian Leu

Russia – Russian Ruble

Serbia – Serbian Dinar

Slovakia – Euro

Slovenia – Euro

Spain – Euro

Switzerland – Swiss Franc

The Czech Republic – Czech Koruna

The Netherlands – Euro

All currencies can be sourced from your local Post Office, as well as from some high street retail stores – and if they don’t have them available on the day, they will order them into store especially for you. If you aren’t sure about the exchange rate, check online to find the most competitive rates at ‘Money Saving Expert‘.

All currencies can be spent treating yourself, as you visit exciting destinations featured on both our River Cruises and Rail Holidays.

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